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15 Aug 2013

Susie Q Ramadan will be defending her WBC World Bantamweight Title against Nadia Hokmi on December 14th in Morocco!!!


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Susie 'Q' Ramadan ready to tame Alesia 'The Tigress' Graf

13 Feb 2012 - By Cody Winnell

WHEN Susie "Q" Ramadan steps into the ring against Alesia "The Tigress" Graf on Friday,
February 24, the Preston boxing champion will be focused firmly on the job at hand.

Long behind her will be last year’s controversial loss to Yazmin Rivas in Quintana Roo, Mexico, when two of the three judges awarded the bout to the local woman despite many observers being firm in their belief Ramadan was the dominant fighter

"This is the most prestigious fight in Australian women’s boxing history in my opinion,"...

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Big Time Boxing

Here's the full-length trailer for our upcoming 'Big Time Boxing'card with Brian Amatruda & Barry Michael Sports - to be televised live on FOX Sports from The Melbourne Pavilion on February 24th, headlined by Jarrod 'Left Jab' Fletcher vs. Tito Mwetupunga - show your support! — with Susie Q Ramadan, Brock Ellis, Brian Amatruda, Jarrod Fletcher, Matthew Lytwynenko, Joe Demicoli, Andrew Aus Boxin, Susie 'Q' Ramadan, Jarrod 'Left Jab' Fletcher and Dinesh Kanth.A at The Melbourne Pavilion.


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Susie "Q" Ramadan: She’s a knockout

November 15th, 2011 - By Daniel Paproth

JEFF Fenech is recognised as Australia’s first International Boxing Federation bantamweight world champion, a title he won in 1985.
But few people realise Australia had an IBF bantamweight world champion for most of this year.

Susie "Q" Ramadan won the title on February 20, defeating American Terri Lynn Cruz in Brunswick, 99-91, in a unanimous decision.

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Ramadan Defeated In Split Decision

October 16th, 2011 - By Aus-Boxing

Previously undefeated Aussie, Susie "Q" Ramadan has gone down in a split decision trying to reclaim the IBF Women’s Bantamweight title against Mexican, Yazmin Rivas in Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Rivas connected several times with jabs that eventually bruised the Australian’s face but Susie Q was the better fighter throughout the 10 rounds landing the cleaner and harder blows and was very unlucky not to be bringing the title home.

Ramadan was understandably upset with the result and her team will do their best to get a rematch back on home soil.
The judges scored the bout (97-93 Rivas, 97-93 Rivas, 96-94 Susie).

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Ramadan and Rivas Meet In Mexico

October 13th, 2011

Yazmin Rivas and Susie Ramadan, who travelled today in the same plane that brought them to Chetumal, are ready for a great battle for the vacant IBF world championship women’s belt. Mexican-Rivas and Australian-Ramadan, could steal the night at the Convention Center in the capital of Quintana Roo where a big crowd will be on hand to watch the fights.

With ten years in the boxing ring during which time she exchanged blows with the best Super Flyweight, Bantamweight and Featherweight division champions, the Coahuila "Rusita" Rivas said: "I had never trained so hard for a contest, but this time I do it because I support a large company like Canelo Promotions".

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Susie 'Q' Ramadan Interview


Susie 'Q' Ramadan took time out to speak with ahead of her fight in Mexico against Yazmin Rivas which will be her chance to regain the IBF Bantamweight title that Susie had to vacate after not being able to get on a show in time.

"I was totally shocked that Melbourne promoters didn’t get behind me on that! I really want to thank Boxa Promotions who gave me the chance to defend my title on Anthony Mundine’s undercard. Unfortunately, it was after the dates set by the IBF to defend my title. Like I've said, everything happens for a reason. The bright sides to these 'comedy of errors' are that when I win this title in Mexico, I not only get to fight abroad, I will be Australia's first 2 X IBF World Champion. This is a great adventure for me and my career will only benefit from it."

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Susie ‘Q’ Ramadan (21 fights/21 wins) takes on Yazmin Rivas from Mexico (29 fights/22 wins) for the female IBF Bantamweight world title.

The fight is set to take place on Saturday the 15th of October at 7pm in Cancun, Mexico. (Australian television rights are currently being negotiated)
Should Susie win this fight, she will continue to make history by being the first Australian female 2 x IBF World Champion.

Physically and mentally, Susie is in the best shape of her career and is determined to bring the IBF title back to Australia. In early October, Susie will travel with her team to Los Angeles to train and spar with some of the boxing greats. In the meantime, we would like to gather as much support and exposure as possible. This is Susie’s first overseas fight and if there’s ever been a time she’s needed to feel supported by the Australian public -it’s now.


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After her controversial split with the Brizzi Brothers earlier in the year, Susie ‘Q’ quickly found herself learning more than she bargained for about the shape of boxing in her home town of Melbourne.

While Susie and new trainer Robbie Peden tried to ensure the defence of her IBF Bantamweight title was held in Australia, they were shunned by Melbourne promoters who showed next to no support and refused to sign Susie to a show. With only weeks to go before Susie’s world title would become vacated, Boxa promotions agreed to put Susie on Anthony Mundine’s undercard.Soon after another delay was encountered with the scheduled opponent,which eventually resulted in Susie’s IBF Bantamweight world title becoming vacated.
Being a woman in this sport remains a challenge for Susie howeverbeing a true ambassador of the sport and a role model for many other female athletes she will remain focussed on getting her belt back.

Rising stars

August 7, 2011 - by Mischa Merz
AT FIRST glance, Fitzroy Stars in Gertrude Street seems no different to any other boxing gym; the same configuration of ring, punching bags and barbells coated in residue from years of hard grind. On the walls, layers of ageing posters, photos and newspaper clippings hide tales of past glories. But in this case, the stories are a little more interesting than most.

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Susie Q inspires the fans - even when she's taking a shot at her coach

August 8, 2011 - The Sunday Age
LAST month down in the basement, the boxing room was buzzing. Families gathered around the small training ring edgy with anticipation. Two of Australia's world champion boxers were about to spar each other. While crowds of Kooris have come to the gym when champions train - Anthony Mundine, Lionel Rose and Muhammad Ali have all visited - most in the crowd, even the die-hard boxing lovers, had never seen anything like what was about to take place.

In one corner, a compact 53-kilogram woman in black, her ponytail swinging from the back of her headguard. Susie Q Ramadan, 32, a few months earlier had won the IBF world bantamweight title (the IBF has only just begun making titles available to women boxers and Susie Q is first to win the vacant title). But then she dramatically split with her long-time trainers, Preston's Brizzi brothers, Ben and Coz. She had been with the Melbourne boxing stalwarts for her entire career, from her beginnings as an amateur to her four-year professional journey. She came to Stars because she had heard that Robbie "Bomber" Peden knew more about boxing than anyone in Australia. Now she was shaping up in the ring to her new trainer, also an IBF champion. And Peden looked close to 20 kilos heavier than his opponent so there was a little tension in the room before the opening bell sounded. When the action got under way, there was a minute or so of respectful silence before Ramadan landed a crisp right hand on her mentor, who moved skilfully, keeping his punches clean and controlled but his left hand audaciously low. "That's it, Susie," someone yelled from the crowd, which seemed to break the ice. Then followed shouts of "Go Susie" and "Knock him out", and gasps at the near misses as both of them bobbed, weaved and jabbed their way through the entertaining three rounds. Afterwards, groups of women and girls flocked to Ramadan for pictures, while men told her how much they admired her skills. It seems Ramadan, a Muslim of Turkish and Albanian descent, has become an honorary Koori. "They're all great people here," she said. "They've welcomed me with open arms. And they're all right into boxing as well, so they all spur me on, give me motivation. It's very supportive." Of Peden, she says his knowledge is invaluable, as are his connections in boxing. "I'm amazed at some of the experiences he's had. And he's so modest, he doesn't sit around and brag about it. He fought some great fighters and he doesn't get enough recognition for that."

A tale of two boxers

July 16, 2011
"I don't feel like I'm hitting someone, I feel like we're having a dance." Female boxing is still seen by many as a controversial sport, yet Australian women are winning world titles. Susie Q Ramadan is a World Bantamweight Champion and she's also a Muslim. We follow Susie as she prepares for a world title fight, under the watchful eye of her trainer Ben Brizzi.

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June 6th, 2011 - From STOP PRESS
If it wasn’t already a great line up – Billy Brownless , Dane Swan, Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson and Hung Le, through the auspices of major sponsor MC Services Group, boxing champion Susie Q will also be a special guest at the Greenvale Football Club Sportsman Night. Susie Q is the bantamweight & super bantamweight WBF title holder AND IBF bantamweight world champion.

Not every day you get this opportunity and we are extremely grateful to the MC Services Group for their kind offering.
We also will have the 2010 Collingwood football club premiership cup for photo opportunities! Thank you Cameron Watson from CGU Insurance for being able to arrange this unique opportunity.
Tickets are still available – call 03 9333 5552
Robert Farchione
Greenvale football Club

Susie Q Ramadan's ready to rumble in new stable

June 2, 2011 - by Cody Winnell
PRESTON’S Susie “Q” Ramadan and her trainer Ben Brizzi went into the post-fight debrief like they had 20 times before.

Ramadan had just notched her 21st successive professional win in a unanimous decision over Sarah George at the Reggio Calabria Club earlier this month.

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Split with Brizzi brothers KO's Susie "Q" Ramadan

May 31, 2011 - by Cody Winnell
PRESTON boxer Susie “Q” Ramadan was left shattered by her shock split with long-time mentors the Brizzi brothers

The 32-year-old IBF bantamweight world champion, whose unblemished professional record boasts 21 wins (eight by knockout), said she was “mentally and emotionally devastated” after Ben Brizzi, of the Brizzi Bros Boxing Gym in Kingsbury, said it was time for the parties to go separate ways. .

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May 24, 2011 - by Andrew Starkie

The Reggio Calabria Club sits in a slight beside the buzzing freeway. It is West Brunswick in Melbourne’s north. On this Sunday afternoon in early May, the car park is full and the shiny main entrance beckons patrons through to the restaurant. Most are passing by , instead entering a plain side entrance and descending the tight, concrete staircase to the basement where they are greeted by two smiling women sitting behind a laminex table with cash box. A large Roman mural adorns the wall above.

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May 12, 2011 - by Susie 'Q' Team
Lionel Rose was an all time great boxer that I was fortunate enough to meet quite a few times over the years.  While his career took place well before I was born, his boxing journey and achievements are ones that have inspired me throughout my own journey and ones that will always have a place in Australian boxing history. My condolences go out to all of Lionel’s loved ones.

Susie is being interviewed on Channel 31 at 10pm on 10th May

May 09, 2011 - by Susie 'Q' Team
'Be sure to tune into Channel 31's 'KO Boxing" show at 10pm on Tuesday the 10th of May for Susie's latest interview where she discusses her IBF title and what's in-store for the coming months.
For anyone who doesn't pick up Channel 31 - don't worry!... You can watch the episode back on the official Channel 31 website. Enjoy! ' - TEAM SUSIE 'Q'

Ramadan Defeats George

May 01, 2011 - by Ray Wheatley
Unbeaten IBF female bantamweight champion Susie Ramadan (21-0, 8 KOs) scored a decision over Sarah George (1-3,1KO) in a ten round non title bout at the Calabria Club, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Sunday

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Sarah 'Pocket Rocket' George declared 'war' on Susie 'Q' Ramadan at the Calabria Club, Brunswick (May 1) and Susie proved yet again why she's 'DA CHAMP!

May 01, 2011 
In a unanimous decision by the judges, Susie never looked in danger, controlling and winning every round. All credit to Sarah for going the distance with Susie and putting up
a challenging fight. This now takes Susie's unbeaten record to 21. In her post fight interview, Susie acknowledged her opponent as being the toughest she has had to date.
Susie will now take a short rest before preparing for her next fight in June. You'll get all the news here FIRST so stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Young, Female, Melburnian, Muslim

April 09, 2011 - by Megan Miller
Rouba Houli, wife of Richmond's Bachar Houli, says she can't wait to go the Brownlow medal count.  Picture: Manuela Cifra Source: Herald Sun
THEY'RE sporty, they love going out with mates, hitting the beach, staying home with the kids. The one thing these young Melburnians have in common? They're Muslims.

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Susie Q Ramadan Becomes Our First Female Boxing World Champion

February 21, 2011 - by David Griffin
MELBOURNE'S Susie Ramadan created history yesterday when she won the International Boxing Federation bantamweight title.
Ramadan scored a runaway unanimous decision over American Terri Lyn Cruz at the Reggio Calibria Club in Brunswick.

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Girlie Girl Susie Q Ramadan On Queue For First Female Boxing Title

February 19, 2011 - by Holly Ife
SUSIE Q Ramadan is set to deliver history a knockout blow by becoming the first Australian woman to fight in a world title bout.
If she defeats American Terri Lynn Cruz in this weekend's IBF bout, the 31-year-old bantamweight from Reservoir will have the chance to crack the US and European markets.

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WISH HER WELL: Susie Ramadan Ready For Her Defining Moment

February 10, 2011 - by Pat O'Meara
A PRESTON boxing star is about to step through the ropes for the fight of her life.
Unbeaten Susie “Q” Ramadan will become the first Australian woman to fight in an International Boxing Federation bout when she takes on American Terri Lynn Cruz for the IBF bantamweight championship in Brunswick on Sunday, February 20.

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Success In A Wristy Business

February 2, 2011 - by Graham Skellern
Tauranga businesswoman Diane Howell will be taking particular interest in the performance of the New Zealand Sevens rugby team in Wellington this weekend, and in the Hurricanes during their Super 15 campaign.

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Michelle Preston Sent Packing By Bitter Rival Susie Ramadan

December 14, 2010 - by Pat O'Meara
UNBEATEN after 19 bouts, Reservoir boxing sensation Susie ‘Q’ Ramadan has the world at her feet.
She easily defeated New Zealand’s Michelle Preston on Wednesday night on the undercard of the much talked about Anthony Mundine/Garth Wood bout at Acer Arena in Sydney.

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Susie 'Q' Hits High Note To Showcase Women In The Ring

December 11, 2010 - by Mischa Merz
AFTER knocking out Anthony Mundine on Wednesday night, Garth Wood declared himself boxing's ''best-kept secret'' no more.
But it seems that champion female boxer Susie ''Q'' Ramadan might be ready to take that mantle from him, although many who saw her fight on the Mundine-Wood undercard are now wise to her skills. Her public profile, though, still has a way to go before it reaches the heights of her male counterparts.

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'Q' Remains Unbeaten

October 6, 2010 - by Patrick O'Meara
RESERVOIR boxer Susie ‘Q’ Ramadan maintained her 17-fight unbeaten run with a second-round knockout against unexpected opponent Satreelek Parodorngym at Coburg Town Hall on Friday.
Ramadan was expecting to take on Ghanaian Yarkor Chavez Annan for a tilt at the currently vacant International Boxing Federation bantamweight belt. But Annan was unable to make the bout, which was on the undercard for Jungle Fever, after complications with her visa.

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Another Title Belt For Susie

July 14, 2010 - by Karena Cox
SUSIE Ramadan joined Australia’s boxing elite on Friday night when she defeated All-African champion Jane Kavulani to claim the World Boxing Federation bantamweight title.
The Reservoir boxer won the stoush over 10 rounds at Coburg Town Hall, continuing her unbeaten record since turning professional two years ago.

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One Step Closer For Susie Q

May 19, 2010 - by Karena Cox
BOXER Susie “Q” Ramadan is one step closer to claiming a world title after she knocked out Jomyuthying Kiatnorwor in four rounds at Knox Netball Centre on Friday night.
The Reservoir boxer dropped her Thai opponent late in the third round with a four-punch combination, which finished with a vicious straight right-hand.

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Reservoir Fighter Set For World Title Bout

March 24, 2010 - by Paddy Higgs
SUSIE Q Ramadan has bulldozed her way into a shot at a World Boxing Council belt after disposing of her latest challenger.
The Reservoir-based fighter accounted for Argentinian champion Maria Jose Nunez on points in front of a packed house at the Knox Netball Centre on Friday.

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Reservoir's Susie Ramadan To Take On The World

November 25, 2008 - by Greg Gliddon
SHE is already Australia’s junior featherweight champion, now Reservoir’s Susie Ramadan is set to take on the world.
This Friday night, the undefeated champion of six fights, including four knock-outs, will fight for a world-first Orient Pacific Boxing Federation title when she takes on New Zealand’s Michelle Preston at Knox Netball Centre.

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